Review: Essence 'Light up your face'

Hi! I've had this Essence 'light up your face' palette for a while now, but have only recently started to actually use it. I thought I'd share my opinions on the palette today, and see if I think it's worth picking up or not.

There are three different shades in this palette which all claim to add a subtle glow to the skin. On the left is the 'Golden beige', in the middle is 'Rose' and on the right is 'Nude'.

I love this packaging, although it is clear plastic, it seems sleek and fresh. Also, you can see what is actually inside.

Pigmentation and pay off on the skin:
It is not highly pigmented, but they aren't really meant to be. This highlighter trio is designed to illuminate the skin and provide a subtle, natural glow. The shades 'Nude' and 'Rose' were great at giving a natural, subtle glow to the skin. For me, 'Nude' was too dark to use as a highlighter, but worked well as a blusher that just adds a soft glow to the apple's of the cheeks. I found that 'Golden beige' did not show up at all really, and it doesn't seem to illuminate in anyway, so I was a little disappointed (and confused) with that one.

It is £3 here-from the Essence website-which is pretty good.

 I wasn't overly impressed by this palette. Although I kind of liked two of the three shades, I don't think it will be something I would reach for. The pigmentation wasn't great, but if you are looking for a natural, easy to use illuminator palette, this could be one you like. 

And those are my thoughts on this Essence palette.
Have you tried anything from Essence?

Lots of love xoxo


  1. I always want to try this brand before but after reading this, I don't think I would because I always look for highly pigmented product. Thank you for sharing! XO

    1. Essence do have some amazing products that i am in love with, but this just didn't work well! Thanks for reading! x

  2. I love Essence, they're such pretty highlighter shades xx

    Gemma Etc. ❤️

    1. I do love Essence as a brand, they've got some real gems, it's a shame this one wasn't that great. Thanks for reading Gemma :) x

  3. I am sorry to hear that you wasn't impressed with the product. I have tried a few products from essence and I must say that I wasn't super impressed either but for the price I think that they are fine!

    1. Thanks for reading! I think they're very hit or miss, but generally for the price, like you said, i think they are fine too :) x