What's inside my GlossyBox? February

Hi! GlossyBox is here and i thought i'd share with you what came in this months (super cute) box!
Just in case you've never heard of GlossyBox before, it's basically a monthly subscription box filled with five beauty related products, you can grab one here.

Sleek i-Divine eyeshadow palette in 'Storm'
I have heard so many people say that these palettes are amazing, in fact, i am pretty sure it is this actual palette that everyone used to rave about (probably about four years ago now to be honest), but i am yet to try one. The packaging isn't crazy amazing, but it's simple and sleek, ha, so won't take up too much room if you wanted to take this with you in your makeup bag. I love the variety of shades you get in this, it seems like you could use it for a whole range of looks and i am excited to give it a go! I'll let you know what i think.
You can get this here for £8.99.

Ciate London nail polish mini in 'goal digger'
I've tried Ciate's nail polishes before, and i love them! I always find that they are easy to apply and dry fairly quickly. This one is a silver/rose gold colour and is a part of their new 'geology' range which means it has a gel finish. It will minimise chipping and maximise longevity, claiming to last up to 10 days. I tried it quickly on my pinky finger and it seems to only need one coat (two coats max) and dried pretty quickly, i think i'm already obsessed! Not to mention, it's cruelty free and vegan friendly.
You can buy this here for £6.

Steve Laurent lip gloss/lip tint in the shade 'Nude pop'
I think i'm more excited about the packaging being rose gold than i am about the actual product inside, but that looks pretty too, i suppose. This says it's cruelty free, hydrating and long lasting, i haven't tried it yet, but from swatching, it feels really smooth, but seems really sheer.
You can buy this here for £15.85

Studio10 beauty makeup mist glow-plextion
This spray from studio10 can be used to refresh and hydrate as well as being both a primer and setting spray. I've only ever tried the NYX dewy setting spray before, and i do really like it, so i am excited to have a new product that has multiple uses. I haven't used this with makeup yet, but i just sprayed my face to see what it's like (my mom's sat here looking at me like i'm going crazy, haha) and it smells and feels really nice!
i can't find this anywhere on the internet, lols.

I've received this from GlossyBox before, a really long time ago that is, and i remember it not being the best. I am sure it didn't do much and was difficult to remove, i just realised that's probably because it's waterproof. It does say that it's smudge, water and humidity resistant and is also cruelty free. Maybe i should try this again, i might actual like it this time.
I can't find this one anywhere either, the link it says on the card isn't working, sorry!

That's all for this month! What did you think?
Lots of love xoxo


  1. That Studio 10 makeup mist and Sleek eye shadow palette look really awesome!


    1. They are, i've been especially loving the mist since i got it! xoxo