Hi! Last Saturday me and my friend went to London for the Joe Weller Vs KSI fight. About a week before the fight i was questioning if we should even go, i thought it would be full of twelve year olds and i knew there were probably people who didn't manage to get a hold of tickets, but would have wanted to go more than we did, or would at least have known who any of the undercards were, lol. But, in the end, it was such a cool weekend, and i am so glad we went.

Our seats were so close to the actual boxing ring and, to be fair, considering neither of us have ever been to a boxing match in our life, we ended up having the best time. We saw so many of the YouTubers we watch and love and the atmosphere there was amazing. Love, love, loved it and it will be something we will talk about for ages.

Sorry for this poor picture, just putting this on here for the memories
and because my phone died, so i have no others, lols

The next day, we went shopping on Oxford Street, i say shopping, but it was really just to go to Lush. Oh my life, we have to talk about Lush. Obviously, Oxford Street is their flagship store and it is seriously to die for, it has three floors of lush goodness. I feel like we could have pondered about the place for hours, but we had a (fairly) quick look about and picked up just a couple of things, and the coolest, but probably most expensive bag i've ever seen.

Once we were finished we got the tube to Euston and headed back home on the train :(

And, that was our weekend in London.

(i've been meaning to write this all week, sorry it's like dead late)

Lots of love xoxo

Olivia, ThankYou so so much for coming with me, i had the best time and i hope we go on more cool trips like this, so we can tell our children when we're old, lol, love you!

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