What's inside my GlossyBox? April

Hi! It's April, i just got my GlossyBox, so i thought i'd show you what came inside because i loved everything this month.

Imperial Leather foamburst 'unicorn marshmallow' body wash: omg, this, this is the nicest thing i have ever smelt in my life. It is super sweet, which, if you don't want to smell like an actually walking marshmallow, i'd say avoid it. But, i think that this is the coolest thing ever invented, it's a foam that is super soft and makes you feel like a real life unicorn, lols, what more could you ask from life. It's like a body wash from the future. 
The sad thing is, this is limited edition, boo.

Eyeko Fat liquid eyeliner in black: I haven't really tried anything from Eyeko, but i have heard of it before. I'm not sure how much i will end up using this because i don't really wear eyeliner (mostly because i'm terrible at it) and this is a 'fat' one, so the line is probably going to end up being super thick. I'll update if i do end up using it.

GlossyBox Angled brush: I thought this was super cool because the colour matches the box, i don't know why i found that so satisfying. This seems like a really useful brush because it can be used as a lip, brow or eyeliner brush. It is pretty good quality, looks pretty and feels so soft.

Karl Lagerfeld X Model co 'rose beige' baked blush: As i have said in my last post, i don't wear blush that much, but this looks so pretty. It's more like an illuminator as it is so glowy and, from swatching, looks like it will leave a really nice rose gold glow to your skin. I haven't tried this yet, but it think i am going to love it.

Affect cosmetics matte effect translucent loose rice powder: This powder is supposed to be able to give you a matte finish, that absorbs all of the oils on your skin, without looking cakey. I did try this out the other day (on my birthday, yas) and i think it looked pretty good. I can't wait to try this out even more.

That was all, i think this was one of the best boxes i have ever recieved. Loved it. I also love the fact it came just before my birthday, it was like a mini present. By the way, i am also sorry for the excessive amount of photos today, i got a little carried away and wanted to include them all, aha.

Lots of love xoxo