All about Manchester

Hi! Me and my friend spent the weekend in Manchester (the weekend before last), we went to the Khalid concert and did a bunch of shopping, so i thought i'd write a post about it, mostly for the memories.

We stayed in a hotel called Hotel Football which is right next the the Manchester United stadium in Old Trafford and it was so nice! Although i'm not a big football fan, it was still a really nice hotel, the beds in the room were also really comfortable and i'm just sad i wasn't able to sleep in for longer, lol.

That picture is kind of a mess, i just realised my coat, bag and shoes (and also snacks) sprawled about the place. Get it together, Aim.

Before we went to the concert on the Saturday, we went to the Intu Trafford centre. There were palm trees and fountains everywhere, it was super weird and i felt like we were on holiday, but amazing none the less. The following day, we went to the Arndale centre, which seemed a lot more chill.

On Saturday, we obviously had a five guys, my favourite place on Earth. We had breakfast in the hotel, which seemed lovely, i was just shattered and didn't eat much, but later on in the day, we went to McDonald's and tried the Grand Mac, Olivia's review: 'nice', lols. I feel like we could eat burgers for days and i love it.

I also wanted to show you what i picked up over the weekend, so, here they are:

Kiko 3D Hydra gloss in the shade '05'
Lip gloss is one of my favourite makeup items, so, when i saw this, i fell in love and really wanted it in my collection. It is a super glossy baby pink with pink and silver shimmers. I think this looks so, so pretty on the lips and i found it lasted better than other glosses i have tried, even when the glossiness had worn away, it seems to leave some of the shimmer behind.

Carmex x Skinny dip unicorn 'sugar plum' lip balm
I saw this a couple of weeks ago and i've wanted it ever since. I am a little bit lip balm, and unicorn, obsessed so i was really excited to finally get it (not that i need anymore lip balm in my life). It smells so good and works just like normal Carmex, which is one of my faves. I'm already in love with this.

Lush 'The kiss' lip scrub
Obviously, it wouldn't be a trip away if we didn't go to Lush (even though we do have one at home). This is a lip scrub that is limited for Valentines, so i'm not sure if you'll still be able to get this in all lush stores, but it smells, and tastes (me and Olivia tried it, aha) delicious and there are little hearts in there to exfoliate too, which is so cute. I haven't really ever tried a proper lip scrub, so i'm excited to try this and see if it makes my lips even softer.

Lush 'purple drain' bubbleroon
We were drawn to this because of the cool marble pattern with swirls of blue, pink and purple, but it smells lovely too. I just read about this on the Lush website and it has Shea butter, to leave the skin super soft and peppermint oil to rejuvenate. I'm looking forward to using this one, it seems really nice.

Body Fantasies Vanilla body spray
I am obsessed with the smell of Vanilla, so, when i saw this i literally wanted to spray it everywhere. It smells so delicious, like honestly, this is one of the best scents ever and i would recommend.

The gypsy shrine cosmetic glitter in 'unicorn eclipse'
When i knew we were going to a concert, i kind of forced Olivia to let me put glitter on our faces, because i like to be over the top. I found this one in TopShop in the Trafford centre, which has a whole stand full of sparkles and gems, and although it was pretty expensive for glitter (£6.50 a pot) i thought it was super pretty. I used this with the Barry M glitter glue, it was really easy to use and stayed on through the whole night.

So, that's all about our weekend in Manchester. I loved all of it and came home shattered. I can't wait for the next trip! 

Lots of love xoxo

Thank-you Olivia, for everything, you the realist.

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